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Default Re: Wealdstone Fiasco

Originally Posted by Hometown Unicorn View Post
I'd imagine Creighton, Keates, Harris, Little & Speight were the only ones mentioned there on big wages, as in above 1k (in 2020 terms). Maybe Wright as well. Aside from that we probably had just Stephen Wright (from March) and potentially Chris Westwood on those sorts of wages.

Compare that to last season, where we had Lainton, Smith, Pearson, Summerfield, Redmond, Grant & Hooper on the bill, all of whom I would wager were on contracts of more than or around 1k per week. Harris too in the second half of the year. I could be wrong though, I don't know for sure.

The point is, we didn't have a whole lot more money to build the team in 2011/12, just better management.

The wage bill is made up by the total squad .How many players did Saunders use before he got his squad right ? Didn't Little have over 30?
What were the management wages?
What was the average gate back then.