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Default Re: Wrexham Fan Aiden needs help

Originally Posted by JonoWafc View Post
A certain Mr McElhenney has just donated £6,000 - amazing. We love you Rob
I donít know. Iím stunned.
Owners of Wrexham Football Club donít behave like this.
We are used to them doing everything they can to undermine us, to rip us off. To make a fast buck & disappear into the ether with the money they made from us weighing them down whilst leaving us skint......
This speaks volumes about what kind of a man Rob is, not a club owner but the man himself. He could have donated a few hundred, but he didnít.
These two North American gentlemen have done more for this club & community in 24hrs than many a local big wig or authority has done.

The real deal - you better believe it
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