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Think everyone needs to manage their expectations.

A new stand is at least 1k a seat and then there is ongoing costs. So it needs to be sustainable... i.e. have the fans.

The kop development is going to happen as is the gateway project. Clwyd South MS Ken skates needs it before the assembly elections next May, the council leader needs it before his election the year afterwards.

We're in a pandemic, it's going to take a lot of extra time, just look at chapter court, techniquest, etc. There are other priorities for the welsh government like keeping businesses afloat and helping them develop during these difficult times.

We have three sides and four corners to play with. The problem is getting the machinery in, out and over land not owned or leased by the club, university, the council, transport for wales and welsh government.

Let's the club focus on getting out of this league, through league two and into league 1.