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Default Re: Have your say about the takeover

I am pleased that the take-over will now take place and that the fans have overwhelming given their backing to it. In some respects it's the beginning of a new era and that is to be welcomed. However I very much hope that ALL fans will get behind the club (again) and back them (and not just the owners) to the hilt.

It's also important I think that we recognise that this golden opportunity would not have been possible without the fans efforts nor without the WST. It is a pity that the relationship between both parties has become fractured of late. It matters not who is to blame. The truth is there are virtues and faults on both sides.

None of us can truly know the full of the commitment made by loyal fans except that from what we do hear it is impressive by any standards. We should should be grateful to them.
We should also be grateful to the WST. Equally none of us can possibly know the full extent of their efforts and their commitment to the club. A lot would have gone unnoticed.

Neither, I suspect, would any of us do much better than them. So my hope is that all parties unite together in a spirit of unity. Lets trust in the owners to make the right decisions including those concerning a CEO, team manager and the players.

I don't think we need to tell them (ie the new owners) what the majority view is about necessary change is - they will know that all ready. Neither is there any need for recriminations or to continue castigate anyone (board member, manager, players etc.) who, from time to time, may not have always made the wisest decisions or helped the cause as much as we needed them to. They did their best and in the final analysis they have gifted us with a never to be repeated opportunity to break free from the those things that have held us back so long. That is to be celebrated and not cause for continuing conflict.

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