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Originally Posted by Hightown Brymbo Red View Post
Will the profits be going to the club or WST?
This is a somewhat alarming question which demonstrates a real lack of understanding amongst fans of how the club has been structured and what the transfer of ownership means... Its not a dig at you even though I'm aware that's how my opening sentence sounds.

The obvious answer is that money goes into the club. People understand that once transfer of ownership fully completes, the WST will have no input other than potentially a seat on the board to represent the Memberships views? No power or influence as such.

Any money the WST wishes to accumulate going forward will be done off their own back, and how they allocate that money will be up to them.

I think this is interesting in terms of WST assets retaining the lease. So if you think about it, the WST does not represent the voice of all fans. It represents about an 8th of the usual 4000 attending supporters. That's based on a guess that close to 500 wst members generally supported its goals... About 400 members were willing to oppose and the rest of the membership joined for cheap season tickets rather than to vote or influence the direction of the club. If the WST decides they are unhappy with what RR are doing at any point, while I'm sure there would be legal costs to absorb could essentially terminate the WAFC lease I think. Meaning no access to the ground essentially cutting them off at the knees because they have agreed as part of the sale to play within a fixed difference of the racecourse/wrexham. That power could be a good thing in case of misadventure, leaving them with a worthless asset or could be bad depending on who takes over the running of the day to day leadership of the WST.

I'm sure someone could tell me legally why all I just said is bullshit and wouldn't hold up legally. But a WST potentially run by some it's former extremely pro trust antagonist worries me if totally honest. Out of all of them, Spencer has really shown his willingness to best represent all of the fanbase. This sale might not have gone through with different members and agendas at the top table.


Money goes to club
WST powerless post transfer of ownership... Or are they?
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