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Default Re: Wrexham Fan Aiden needs help - Robby Mac donates 6k

Originally Posted by terrytactics View Post
Just an update to keep you aware of what's going on around this story.

Aiden has become what appears to be the centre of the world since yesterday morning, almost every news outlet is asking for an interview. Thankfully his sister is more IT savvy than me and has become his personal media rep.

Nobody will need to look far to see or hear them; ITV, BBC, SKY and now CNN are asking for interviews.

This morning we had a 'site visit' from a Wrexham based company who are looking to make and install a bespoke bath for Aiden at cost price. This will entail a complete revamp of the bathroom and so the money raised will certainly help towards the 'added' costs.

Thanks to everyone again.
I listened to the 5 live interview yesterday morning, and can I just say how well both Aiden and his sister came over. Articulate, intelligent and very humble. What a fantastic family you have, you should (I'm sure you are) be very proud.Good luck with the revamp, you all deserve it.
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