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Default Re: The A-listers and Wrexham AFC

Originally Posted by Hightown Brymbo Red View Post
I saw Keates being interviewed by Radio 5 when he mentioned a phone call from the new owners.He looked and sounded far too perky for my likening, I suspect he has been assured that he is part of the immediate plans for the club
R&R will quickly turn themselves into a global laughing stock if they attempt to present Keates&Co’s hoofball as a global force.
We were already looking at the lowest finish in our entire history when covid came along last season and potentially stopped us from being relegated to the new low of the 6th tier of English football. Even lifelong fans were running away in droves and our attendances were plummeting. This season has seen little improvement on the pitch.
In recent years, the fanbase has been divided to the extent that I have never experienced before, or even read about, and the trust had predicted massive club losses for this year, even if we had been able to attend matches sometime this season.
Without this takeover, it is difficult to imagine how the club would have even survived for much longer, and surely R&R and their advisors will have realised that the club needs to be taken in a completely new direction in order to bring about success. Stranger things have happened, but I would be astonished if Keates and Co are a part those plans.

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