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Default Re: Safe standing Kop

Originally Posted by Back of the Kop View Post
What's the point then ? Needs to be all seated for internationals and the whole idea is to get them back up to North Wales so forget safe standing

The days of 13,000 on the Kop (as brilliant as it was back in the day) are long gone
The seats can be locked down to satisfy international and then locked up for domestic. Also on the point of capacity, at the moment it is one person per seat, so no difference but this is a trial period. Once they realise itís safe, and they will, it can safely be increased to 1.8 people per seat. I think borussia Dortmund have up to 2 people per seat.
With three sides being all seated I think we should be on the forefront and put safe standing behind the kop. Itís the way it will all go anyway.