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Originally Posted by eastsussex View Post
Thanks Leighton Red; much appreciated.
We are fortunate as a club that we have always had such passionate fans who have researched the history of the club to keep the heritage of the club alive- Gareth Davies and Peter Jones as well as WasanActonlad, Inside Left, Rhosymedre Red, Cymru Am Byth WXM and Rob from RP to name but a few. For me, it must be said that Pete Jones is Wrexham through and through and has dedicated most of his life to research the history of the club.
Nowadays, things are a lot easier and we can all search online, whereas those in the past, such as Pete and Gareth would have to physically research and locate the history in archives etc.
I am just happy to add a more anthropological viewpoint to the history of the club as well as the stadium and the land on which it was built.
For years I have believed that the history and heritage of the club and The Racecourse is the clubs main asset, which could bring us to the attention of a much wider audience. Hopefully, with R&R now at the helm, we will see that come to fruition.
Onwards and Upwards.
I think you are far too modest ES. The work you have done is top drawer.
Well done and I have no doubt some well known people have read your history thread.