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Default Re: Robbie Savage, Mark Hughes and Dean Saunders

OK, so let’s sit back and think what it is we don’t like about Keates and co, personalities aside. Poor tactics, lack of coaching, weak man management would come close, I think.
So why do we need someone with non-league experience? I don’t get it. Usual argument about anyone else would be, ‘They wouldn’t want to come here’ or ‘We couldn’t afford them’.
I’m thinking that’s changed now. This thing of R+R is a project which the world is, quite clearly, watching. Why wouldn’t a football guy with top experience not want to jump on board, with all the publicity on offer? Not as much money as some could offer perhaps, but hey
I know a bloke currently working in China (a long way away) who, last heard of, lives on the Wirral (up the road) who might be interested. Speaks Spanish. And no, I haven’t been drinking (much). Why can’t we dream? Think where we all were only a few weeks ago.
OK, shout me down......