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Originally Posted by TheRealWelshWayne View Post
After reading the article about LDP2 and its lack of support from councillors and the establishing inspectorate, is it a good idea to lobby about getting the racecourse included again?

I don't think it was included in ldp2.

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Good idea.
The original petition did make some headway but the council still didn't designate the course as a protected site as far as I'm aware.
Have always believed the Racecourse holds so much heritage and is a huge asset to the football club as its spiritual home. Of course it needs a lot of work doing to it, to get it fit for purpose by todays standards of modern stadia, but with solid investment, the character and history it will retain, as well keeping the memories of some incredible games on that turf intact, would in my view far outway any other thoughts to build a new stadium.

That was the reason I put in so much time and energy a decade ago, to help push the Red Passion petition that seeked to get the Racecourse ground notated into the Local Development Plan as a recreational area solely for sport. It was also to remove any risk of Mr Moss or Mr Roberts doing anything untoward with the ground after our experience with H&G.

Quay Red, Wrexham Councils Executive board did designate the Racecourse as a protected site for sports and recreation in the LDP 1 (March 2012) along with three other sites, as part of the LDP1 they submitted to WAG. But it was subsequently withdrawn because of the wider concerns by the Welsh Assembly's Planning inspector. So the protection didn't become effective.

Am now too far away to be involved in any more lobbying for LDP 2 (2013-28). I have also not read LDP 2 to check relevant clauses, but would have thought that protection would have been logically carried forward by Wrexham Council as part of LDP 2.

If it hasn't been and it needs a new round of local lobbying then am sure Welsh Wayne is more than capable of getting it going.
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