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Default Re: Good Win (Aldershot at home)

3 points from any win is both welcome and necessary, but again more questions than answers.

Our midfield again consisted of 4 individuals who run around to cover ground, but who are limited to mostly defensive work with little or no creativity. They are also too small and too slow. We can live with playing two of them simultaneously -- I would suggest Durrell and Young -- but not all four. Ideally, even they would be subs at best if we genuinely want to win this league this season.

Ponticelli should have scored but the ball was slightly too far back, and he did not have the confidence to hit it first time. He is still our best hope up front, frustrating though his return to match fitness might be. But, worryingly, we only had about 3 shots on target all game, which ain't good enough! That's due to a lack of creativity and dominance in the midfield, and no natural goalscorer up front. Thankfully, Durrell and Young have saved our bacon with two wonder strikes, but relying on that week-in, week-out is a folly -- albeit they are great to see!

Sorry, but Thomas just ain't good enough as the target-man: slow, can't jump, doesn't read the game well, and isn't a proven goalscorer. He has been consistently poor so far.

So, glad we won; but we must improve significantly if we genuinely want to compete. Otherwise, it will be another wasted season to add to a long tally.
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