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Default Re: Good Win (Aldershot at home)

The fact you have to look down to tied 26th in the Top Goalscorer rankings currently to find a Wrexham player says it all (Young & Yussef both with 2 goals). Other ex-players ranking higher than this or equal on the current list include Danny Wright, John Rooney, JJ Hooper, Scott Boden, Alex Reid and Joe Quigley.

I would temper the above with the fact that we’ve had so many players through the door that we are always likely to see ex-players on this list.

It could be argued quite strongly that the service is the problem and not the many clear cut chances are we creating (not many). You could have Harry Kane up front but if the ball never got to him in a goal scoring position you’d end up with the same result.

Yesterday’s game was a good example of where there was plenty of space across the Aldershot defence to play into but we never took advantage of that. Playing backwards, sideways or hoofs on to the head of a big man doesn’t stretch defences and therefore doesn’t equal goals. Balls down the sides, pumped over the top or cut back onto the penalty spot from the dead ball area turns defences and causes the defenders to panic leading to goals...we do none of this. We cannot continue to rely on worldies from outside the box by midfielders for our goals.