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Default Re: Next 3 priorities

Originally Posted by JonoWafc View Post
Now itís confirmed what are your 3 highest priorities that Ryan and Rob need to do?
For me itís
1) Appoint a CEO (Peter Moore fingers crossed)
2) A full review of the structure of the club from board level to coaching/ management
3) Following point 2 sack Keates/Darlo and appoint a Director of Football
Pleased with the 3 points yesterday, not so pleased with the performance.
Let's see how Tuesday's game turns out.

I imagine R&R's 3 priorities at the moment are to get the deal done.
Didn't a statement from the WST on 16/11 say that meant getting:
1) Final agreement with the WST
2) Approval from the National League
3) Approval from the FA (both English & Welsh FAs?)
Are any of these likely to scupper the deal?

I wonder if there'll be some kind of 'handing over of the keys ceremony'?
R&R might want something to provide footage for the 'show'.

Once the deal is done, what will it actually mean from a practical point of view?
I suspect there will be (dare I say it) 'a transition period', where the paid staff carry on in their roles pending R&R's appointment of a CEO, and then during the CEO's review of the infrastructure of the club.
Where I've been involved in things like this, it usually means people applying to stay in their roles!
But I reckon the members of the board would have to step down immediately, perhaps becoming the inaugural members of the honorary board.
And what will it mean from a financial point of view? Will R&R get control of the bank account(s) so they can feel comfortable about depositing the £2m?

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