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Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
But he's just one of many. There's been loads of players brought in and never been given a sniff of a chance and/or used correctly.
Its because the club is run by amateurs who are wholly incompetent and pretty much every managerial appointment has been a failure and has led us to where we are today.

It'll take a good few years for the cub to recover anything from the wreckage the WST has created. Even with money.
The problem goes much deeper than a player with an alleged dodgy attitude. That happens at clubs all the time.
Nothing a new manager and a few million wonít fix together with proper leadership off the field.

Itís a bit ironic really that when the Trust took over, there was a decent playing squad but the club was haemorrhaging money. Now the trust is selling up, theyíre passing over the worst squad of players ever assembled but the balance sheet ainít so bad (pre Covid).

I try and look for positives and the last 5 years has certainly been bereft of them but if the club had been run like a bag of shite financially then itís improbable that R&R would be interested. Of course, I donít know that for a fact but thatís what R&R said in their presentations...unless that was sucking up to Trust members!