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Out of every player in the squad Devonte is probably the most gifted and that is including Jarvis and Davies. Them three just named would and should walk into a team that was tactically more attacking. The issue we have is Keates and Darlington dont play attacking free flowing football, they keep it tight and defend and to be honest with you, they play a horrible tactic to watch. Before Keates we used to play the Wrexham way, we were a lot better to watch and played the game as it should be played. I hope that a new manager comes in and changes the style in which we play, so we are more attacking, play the ball on the floor, possession based team that makes things happen. Until that day happens, we will be watching a midfield of Harris and Young, both playing defensive midfield with no creativity at all, meaning our only hope is long ball over midfield into our strikers.

Keates has no idea and when he plays our creative midfielders he can only fit them in out wide. Probably our two best creative midfielders we have had whilst I was growing up were Peter Ward and Darren Ferguson, and both of them played in centre midfield.

So the answer to the question is its management choice, that's why our better players are not being put into the starting line up and we are watching crap football every week.
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