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Default Re: Aldershot Match Ratings

killed us dead. Had the better chances first half and then he drops a dolly. Sunday league stuff.

JR-5 not bad at times. Didn't offer much.
RHJ-6 always a threat but needs more composure at times.
FK-5 his worst game for the club for me.
French-4 his worst game too. Looked all over the place. Missed a sitter.
Carra-3 this ridiculous experiment needs to end. Fannied out of a tackle and then turned his back for second and ran ragged for the third. Distribution horrific.

Horsfield-3 nothing. Just nothing.
Davies-5 OK
Young-5 ok

DA-5 looks a threat again but radar well off today
KT-6 won his headers, but service was poor.

Plan today looked like it was to go long with the pitch being so poor and conditions tricky. Fine by me(we did the same vs Sutton) .... But going long from the centre halves doesn't work. Carra can't use his left foot so it's useless from his side and French was reluctant to do it. Kelleher can't do it with any quality. It's too straight and almost impossible for a striker to deal with. Needed to come from wider, but we played wing backs so it didn't work at all.
I'd have played a 4-3-3 today. Gone long from a wider and deeper position and got bodies around Kwarme and played the football from their final third. The few times we did get them turned early on, they shit themselves.
Hard to legislate your keeper dropping one like that mind.