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Default Re: Wrexham on FIFA 22 Update

Originally Posted by Polly_The_Red View Post
I had a little go on the game last night, and am actually really enjoying it so far. Feels a little more, I dunno, solid and sturdy in how it plays.

Still no Wrexham or National League, but every other league is open to play in the 'kick off' mode, with Ultimate Team also available to arse around with.

I've been dying to have the Town back in a FIFA game, but part of me would feel it's a little underhand to just throw us in without having the rest of the National League. And considering Serie B isn't even in the game anymore, it would be weird for EA to throw in the fifth division of the English system; a division that consists of several part-time teams.

If anything, the Welsh Premier League would be a more realistic addition. Indicators seem to (hopefully) suggest we'll be on the game somehow, though - so fingers crossed
Usually starts out great, until all the patches come and the game is a mess by Christmas.