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Default Re: Szczepaniak signs on

Originally Posted by EnglishRed View Post
If Lainton, Brisley and Lennon were fit then we wouldn't have an issue, and I get the point that with the injury records of all three (although Lennons issues are as a result of leg breaks not some sort of inherent problem he has) they were all risks. Id be perfectly comfortable.starting with a back three of Hayden, Lennon and French though.

I'm not a fan of Dibble but I do think as a fan base we rate him so low due to his record under Hughes when he completely went to pieces. He was fine last season when he came into the team.

I agree that to go for the title we need something else in midfield. Dave Jones is a good first step but I am confident we will bring in that number 6 before the window closes.

Ultimately we have the majority of the team who finished 8th last season, with a much enhanced forward line. We also look a lot fitter than last season. I just don't think there is any need to panic, personally.
agree with most of this - especially the back three bit, and less so the Dibble bit.

Its just odd we have doubled (?) our budget and Dibble's still and in goal and Reckord is likely to play CB on saturday.