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Default Re: Szczepaniak signs on

Originally Posted by Back of the Kop View Post
So, we shouldn't be frustrated that we've done fook all about it and the season starts in 2 days. The directors and manager are accountable or are we not to question anything of the new regime ?

A strong midfield unit is not a nice to have in a promotion chasing side, it's an absolute must. Alarm bells have been ringing in preseason games against the Dog and Duck
Well I wish you'd tell Parkinson, id imagine he has no clue how important it is, despite having 20 years managerial experience.

How do you know what we have and haven't done about it? Of course you can question it due to the fact that we haven't signed anyone yet, but the fact that Parkinson has repeatedly said he wants to bring more people in, and that we will keep working on it until the window closes and weve left a pretty obvious shirt number free, suggests people are working on it as we speak. There have been umpteen reports from other managers and chairmen and people who are involved in transfers saying that things are moving slower this year, I just don't think panicking about it and mentioning it on every thread is particularly helpful. But you keep doing it if it helps you, its not for me to tell you what to do with your time.