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Default Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

Originally Posted by Jose View Post
If only 'Antifa' weren't doing exactly the same as the Nazi's did you may have a call, but as they are synonymous in action if not in all but the intricacies of their name, I'll call you out as being an Antifa\Nazi, as there is NO difference.

It's either their indoctrination or they will 'attempt' violence to force you in to their way of thinking. Think back to 1930'sGermany and you may find correlation with another political movement.

Sounds pretty much like Nazism to me.
Not to mention the 6 million Jews they’ve also killed. You may disagree with them, but to say they are more fascist than the actual Nazis is bananas. Have they secretly been euthanising gay people and people with disabilities?
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