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Default Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

Originally Posted by lewi11 View Post
This is the thing, Antifa isn't an organisation. There are no subs, no membership, no card carrying. It's an umbrella term for everyone who is against fascism. Whether you're a militant protester, socialist, trade unionist or just a random guy who hates fascists. Everyone who opposes fascism is Antifa.

And this will probably come across as incredibly simplistic. But if you're anti Antifa then surely that makes you a fascist.
Good lord, get a grip.

You are more fascist than the original fascists.

Think our way or we will beat you.
Read our books and nothing else.
What we believe is what you must believe.

Sounds horrific when put like that doesn't it.

But that's what you are

And that is why you will be stopped dead.

This country doesn't suffer fascists in whatever form you try to disguise yourself. You are not tolerated.
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