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Default Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

Originally Posted by fezbob View Post
I donít agree with violence but would class myself as being against fascism. Iíve seen the likes of Donald Trump and his supporters try and paint the idea of ďantifaĒ as something itís not, in a similar way to how they label BLM as Marxist to delegitimise people who want racial equality. Canít think why anyone would want to do thatÖ
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I donít care what trump or the crazy right wing rednecks have to say about antifa they are two sides of the same coin to me. Antifa may not be an official organisation but many of those who represent it show how it can be as violent as as the right in the US. Itís one of those things started off with good intentions and has been taken over by ideological extremes.
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