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Originally Posted by rob_1072 View Post
Thatís worrying for sure, just the same as the rise in left wing extremists. Do you remember that large area of Seattle being taken over by far left groups? Chaz I think they called it. Burning down buildings, people being shot etc call it out on both sides. Sounds pretty dangerous to me. Iím going to call it here not really the place to discuss an should probably be move to off topic.
You mean Portland. A city that's famously anti-fascist and has been seeing large numbers or "Proud Boys" and "Patriot Prayer" supporters busssed in purely to cause a seen. And continue to do so. You're partly right about an area of the city being taken over I can't quite remember the name of it but it became a sort of anarchist community to protect protestors from typically heavy handed American policing.
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