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Default Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

Originally Posted by corwenred View Post
You mean Portland. A city that's famously anti-fascist and has been seeing large numbers or "Proud Boys" and "Patriot Prayer" supporters busssed in purely to cause a seen. And continue to do so. You're partly right about an area of the city being taken over I can't quite remember the name of it but it became a sort of anarchist community to protect protestors from typically heavy handed American policing.

Yeh the Chaz was a real "Summer of love" wasn't it?

Three dead black boys during its short existence, two shot dead by those who were " protecting the protesters" according to you?. The area policed by members of the John Brown gun club, a far left armed group. Reports of Women being Raped and people being assaulted and robbed with businesses being extorted.
The other Black youth shot bled to death, denied treatment by those self-same protectors not allowing the paramedics in to the area, reducing his chances of survival, Black lives didn't matter to them on that occasion.

All very progressive. Look up the arrest reports and criminal records of the Antifa members being apprehended ( not prosecuted due to the left wing prosecutors policy of catch and release)

Almost entirely White.
A good percentage were from outside of Portland ( bussed in)during the riots
A good number have Domestic abuse and child sexual abuse convictions along with other crimes.
Not exactly the heroic Antifascists described in some of the posts on this thread.

This lot give the left a really bad name.

Sorry couldn't help myself. COYR

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