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Default Re: Wrexham sign on slag-heap defaced

Originally Posted by clloyd View Post
Good for Rob that he thinks xyz, Iím sure itís based on him being a pretty fíing decent guy, however the entire Wrexham fan base isnít going to agree with everything he ever says.

I think most of those on here not being BLM/Antifa super fans are more than happy for people to hold their own political views, just not promote them in the name of the club. I donít support BLM as an organisation, but plot twist, I do believe black lives matter (why the flip is IOS trying to capitalise those 3 words?) I can see why people would support the organisation, as itís based upon a fairly obvious principle and itís a tragedy anyone even needs to campaign for it. At the same time, the movement has attracted people that wish to use the cause for their own means (whether thatís to push other political views, loot, be violent in other ways etc) and therefore many are turned off.

We seem to live a binary age where you are in this box or that, but people are far more nuanced than that.
Well said
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