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Originally Posted by BorderRed View Post
That ref (Paul Marsden) put in one of the most catastrophic refereeing performances I can remember. Slow to react to just about everything unlike most of the lads in Red out there today.

Really impressed with Luke Young today. Gets pelters usually but always put himself about as did James Jones. Heís a top quality footballer.

What in the almighty f*** was that from Dave Jones though? Completely lost it with him when he got sent off. Just fortunate he didnít cost us the game.

Young, Hayden, Tozer and Jones were the best out there for me. Mullin did well with what he had to work with which wasnít really an awful lot. Hyde mostly anonymous, Lennon did well after a rocky first 10-20 minutes I thought.
You have to question sometimes if our fans have eyes? Hyde worked his bollocks off for the team and if you canít see that you have to question if you understand football at all