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Default Re: Next Generation of Fans

Originally Posted by Connahs_Quay_Red View Post
Wanted to post this whilst fresh in mind. I think the club needs to do more for younger kids on match day. First game I've attended today with my 5 year old and couple of observations:-

- why don't we have a mascot anymore? Can we roll out Rocky or Wrex again?
- access to food and drink is abysmal (this obviously applies to adults aswell). Not a dig at staff who are clearly trying their best, but we are understaffed, massively.
- I was in WrexRent (not a family area I know) but grown men all over quite happily standing up in front of kids who them cant see throguhout the whole game- not great

As a a club, we need to capitalise on this moment and do a bit more to make the kids wanr to go back.
I was in the Wrexrent and there were loads of young blokes just standard infront of any old seat. There was an older chap in his 70's who couldn't get into his seat as a another bloke had taken his place. He ended up standing infront of an empty seat. The stewards did nothing to try and get the old fellas seat back so he could take his rightful seat. Not good.
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