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Default Re: Next Generation of Fans

Originally Posted by fluffysheepsupporter View Post
I think it may be a year or two before some of the problems mentioned on this thread are even addressed let alone solved. Firstly the best place for taking young kids is definitely not the WrexRent Stand . That is where most of the drunken, unsocial louts go and they are never going to change. Just an unsavoury part of society. Secondly the structure of the stands is not good for young kids who at a young age are naturally more interested in the hot dog than the football. Having food available next to booze does not work. In the States stadiums have food outlets high up at the back of the stand and coke is more important than beer . We simply cannot do that overnight . Maybe the Kop stand if and when built, will be able to give us some better family experiences.
And as for standing you either live with that and follow suit.. No good for young kids so for this year when no other seated options are left probably better to take the kids to KFC?
Not everyone in the WrexRent is as you describe talk about sweeping stereotype statements.

Regarding the standing thankfully where I am fellow fans are respectful with the sitting down just shame about the lack of face coverings.
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