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Default Re: Next Generation of Fans

Originally Posted by david john View Post
sat in the corner of the stand behind the goal near the Woking fans in he Yale,had to stand had no choice,noticed most of the youths did not bother to look at their tickets to check where their seats were they just sat together hence problems when people turned up claiming there seats.Most of the time all they were doing was shoutingor singing abuse at Woking fans they weren't watching the game,club gets there money I suppose Also when I showed my ticket on entering he scanned it wouldn't work at first ,I thought if he does this with every ticket ,chaos
Thankfully I am on the other end of stand. More respectful that side. I have been in the part that you describe and I hated it there just no respect. Most are just there to act like you can finish the sentence.

What the hell was the flare / smokebomb going off for it wasn’t even anywhere near when we scored and how come these keep getting brought into the ground. How many warnings have we had about this ?
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