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well bless the inbred yellow bellies, they can't dis Lincoln as they are out of sight of them now, and Boston will be zipping up past them shortly so have a go at us eh!

At least we play in our own town............ the Divvy stadium is closer to Wrexham than Blunder Park is to grimsby now toodle off and grumble to your other half duck (could be his mother/sister/wife - probably all 3 at once) in Claxby Pluckacre and let us concentrate on our sheep

Then again they have a Miami Beach and a New York in t'shire, so who are we to comment on such a lovely place - and don't get me started on the miles and miles of sandy beaches they have, Moggs Eye is a particular favourite (just don't get near the water!)

PS thought that was quite amusing an article to be honest
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