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Default Re: Email to Fleur and Geoff

Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
Dear Fleur / to whom it concerns,

I would like to take the time to highlight some issues which you will already be aware of but seem to not be admitting / communicating with your customers.

This list is not exhaustive.

*Shirts being sold online when you donít have them in stock. Not sure why this is an issue
*Gin being sold online when you donít have it in stock. Again not really an issue, just donít buy it
*Gin being sold cheaper in Morrisonís Supermarkets in Wales than the club even though the club is meant to have exclusive rights. Not sure where itís been stated club are selling it exclusively
*Getting supporters to stand in queues for their season tickets and then supporters finding out their season ticket hasnít even arrived so they have to come back. Then they get sent out in post then not received so more long queues. Agree this has been poor
*Selling away match tickets without giving any priority to Season ticket holders. Maybe there should be priority to season ticket holders but again you need to keep up with when they are going on sale.
*No news on when shares that have been paid into the club prior to takeover will be coming back to those who paid. WST issue surely?
*Bottles being sold for same price as pints at Saturdays game v Woking. Lol
*Persons in positions at the club that donít reply to supporters emails. Is possibly an issue but it seems an isolated number of people on here that have an issue
*Person in position at the club has left - own accord or pushed? Lol. If only there was the same outcry when joey left
*No open dialogue communication from the club apart from a weekly article in the Leader newspaper on a Thursday. As opposed to the WST coverups?

How much longer are we meant go be going on like this? The club is meant to becoming more professional since the new persons in posts. More tickets sold than in any year I can remember and a team to get you out of your seat for the first time since the Morrell/Saunders daysÖ just how long can this go on?

Having advertising boards that alternate sponsors , attracting big name sponsors is all well and good but what about the basics communicating with your customers / supporters who quite frankly getting fed

You may say that these are ďteethingĒ issues. Well admit when you have messed up you will get more credit than hiding behind the volunteers who have to pick up the pieces.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Michael P

* I have sent this email already to Fleur and Geoff but had no response as of yet. Whilst some will say why put it on a messageboard then? I donít have an answer apart from hoping someone can get the message sent to someone else.
Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
Whatís that got to do with anything how I voted?

But okay if it makes you happy I voted for the takeover.

All I know is that if wst made these mistakes oh you wouldnít hear the last of it.

I myself personally havenít been a big fan of the wst for the 2 or so years before the takeover but always look back on some good moments they achieved since the moss days.
Could you run through the WST achievements for me?

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