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Default Re: Email to Fleur and Geoff

Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
To expand on the drinks part of the email. A friend pointed out at the game that there was a4 piece of paper saying that Wrexham Pints [ draught ] was £4

Whereas then when the draught ran out the staff were passing off the bottles which is less volume as the same price. Would you be happy if say you were at a bar / pub and you got charged the exact same price for something that isnít what you were expecting . Thatís fine though eh ?

What have the wst done well?

*Took over the club and got it making money.
*Won the FA trophy.
*Got to another FA trophy final which wasnít as good as first one of course.
*Got to the playoff final and on another day could of won it.
*98 point total in one season.
*2 FA cup 3rd rounds and on both occasions we could of got to the 4th round had it not been the last 15 minutes of stoke game and penalties of brighton replay game.
*Secured a lease for the ground with Glyndwr.
*Managed to obtain a full Welsh international game in a long time.
*Never in debt.
*Season tickets arrived without having to repeatedly queue up for them.
*Merchandise arrived and didnít have to wait long timescales after paying.
*Felt part of the club in regards to being able to drink in the cent / 1864 which you cannot now unless you wave your money around.
*Attracted music artists to the ground- notably Stereophonics x 2.

Not bad for a supporter run club.
Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
Yes floodlight repairs would be good too but thought we had Barlows maintaining these ? Seen them at the ground at the Notts County game. Unsure if they were at the Woking game as wasnít personally in attendance.
Why all the complaints if you werenít even there?

Folk might label you a WUM if you arenít careful!
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