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Default Re: Email to Fleur and Geoff

Originally Posted by DenbighRed View Post
Don't get me wrong, plenty to complain about at the moment, but I feel we should give FR a little time before being too critical.

She's taken over a club that's going through a massive scale-up. It's all relative, but how many other clubs would have almost trebled the number of season ticket holders from the previous year, more than trebled shirt sales, seen some of the biggest companies in the world come on board as sponsors?

It's very difficult to put together a team capable of dealing with all this overnight.

Let her get her feet under the table.
Fine, but how hard would it be to communicate with supporters. The longer it goes on without any sort of update the worse she looks.

I'm happy giving her time of course but she should at least come out and say the obvious issues are being addressed.