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Default Re: Racecourse Sound System / announcer replacement

Originally Posted by hollywoodreds View Post
Please oh please, Ryan, Rob, Fleur, Les whoever.... get the bloody sound system changed and sort an actual format and new stadium announcer.

I sit in the Yale stand and you can hear next to nothing. It all comes across as totally amateur in terms of structure and overall match day experience. I also know there are similar issues with the sound system all the way around the ground with levels all over the place.

Also, the format the announcer uses needs so much work he’s just so uninspiring and drab. Given our new found status and ‘community approach’ the format could be so much better, it seems to me nobody is bothered to get hold of it and give it a total revamp. ‘Wrexham is the name’ sounds like it’s being played on someone’s phone when the players take to the pitch not to mention the poor sound quality of songs played pre-match and at half time!
Match day experience regarding the football is greatly improved but the rest is a disapointment. Why no electronic scoreboard ? as for the sound quality , announcer , food and drink I will agree with the other comments ..shambles .