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Default Re: Season ticket sales

A few observations

I saw people purchasing alcohol from the Shell garage and drinking it on Mold Road. Drinking from a glass or a bottle was a definite happening and should be a no-no. Isn’t Mold Road a non alcohol area anyway? I’m fairly certain there were restrictions about drinking on the pavement previously. Maybe it’s been revoked?

The queues under the MRS caused quite a bit of angst at half time with people joining a queue from both sides, whilst the smaller bars remained closed. To be fair, as we know trying to get staff at the moment is very difficult and I am sure they would be grateful for any help they could get. The more staff, the quicker you would get served. Having the right money would also quicken the queue.

As for removing bottle tops in readiness for half time etc in the current climate is probably fraught with concern but they could try having 50 bottles ready for people paying cash and having the right money. That would certainly have alleviated a queue in the MRS on Saturday.
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