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Default Re: Grimsby Reaction 3-1

Just home from the game. Disappointed but we must stay level headed.. some of the reactions are way OTT at the minute.

Strange decision to throw Redmond in who looked as though he played deep with Young. Has a chance to grab a shirt but I dont think well see him much this season (again).

Cleworth is a weak link and hopefully with Brisley back we see less of him. Very disappointed with Hayden tonight and last couple of games - woeful marking at set pieces and his distribution is awful. Whilst Ive loved Luke Young the last couple of seasons he was like Paul Rutherford on speed in the midfield. Were crying out for a 6ft+ midfielder who will take the sting out of games and not move out of the centre circle.

Seen a few things said about the formation being the issue - I disagree. I think the issue is the personnel - we have 2 defensive minded wing backs (French & Reckord) playing there. I think we need to see French/Hosannah and Green playing to take the game to teams; it would be more of a 3-5-2 then. We looked confusing tonight, no real game plan and nothing worked. Tough game again Saturday but I feel with a few changes to the team we can improve massively.

Up the town.