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Default Grimsby (A) Ratings

Lainton (6) Not much he could do with the goals. Made some good saves and soldiered on after getting pole-axed in the first-half

French (6) Decent. Really like him at RWB

Hayden (5) Not his best game

Tozer (7) Calm as ever. Solid presence

Cleworth (4) Shaky first-half but improved in the second

Reckord (7) Thought he played well. Some cracking challenges

Young (5) Erratic, think he's trying too hard. Maybe he's better without the armband?

Redmond (4) Looked lost and off the pace. The gamble did not pay off

J.Jones (6) Best of the MF players

Hyde (7) Well taken goal and did well winning his headers/battles. Not sure about the offside goal

Mullin (6) Superb assist. Grafted but not his best night


McAlinden (6) Not bad

Angus (5) Felt for him as he was left to feed off long balls. Slightly wasteful

Green N/A

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