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Default Re: Grimsby (A) Ratings

Lainton (6) Solid performance - nothing he can do with the goals. We’re stuffed if he gets injured again (thought he was tonight)

French (6) Probably our standout player but that doesn’t say much.

Hayden (4) Awful short and long passes which were mostly aimless. Shocking for their second goal.

Tozer (6) Calm on the ball, however something needs to change defending set pieces

Cleworth (5) Shaky first-half but improved in the second. Brings the ball out well but gets bullied by experienced pros.

Reckord (6) Solid but that’s all he can give. Not good enough for us going forward

Young (4) Always looks like a red card waiting to happen. Chasing for he sake f it when he just needs to stand off. Not a fan at the min.

Redmond (4) Anonymous

J.Jones (6) Decent shift. Him and Young are too similar to play alongside each other.

Hyde (6) Good finish, good battling but didn’t see enough of the ball

Mullin (6) Pretty anonymous too. Good assist but a poor performance by his high standards.


McAlinden - (5) I want to like him but I’m not sure what he brings to the table. Gets marked a point down for pulling out/slowing down when he could have crossed the ball, instead letting it go out for a goal kick.

Angus - (5) Made some nice runs but again pulled out of a couple of 50/50s and we didn’t play to his strengths.
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