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Default Re: Grimsby Reaction

Originally Posted by redavid View Post
My God , some of the over reactions on here are astounding !!! reading some of the comments are over the top for sure , we have lost 1 in 6 , yes not the best start , But as the saying goes you dont win the league in september , We need to turn draws into wins thats for sure , But please Calm down .
Its mad isn't it? First loss of the season, away at a tough place and people are writing off our chances of promotion, six games into a season.

I haven't been through this thread fully to see reactions from people who were there, but a few Grimsby fans were saying we looked like we had quality but weren't a team yet, and our midfield was weak- which is no surprise.

When Mansfield won the league and Kiddie got 95 points they both started slow. When Barrow won the league they started slow (they lost to us on game 1!) , when Macclesfield won the league they started slow. The league isn't won or lost in September. Its a disappointing result but the reaction of the usual suspects is embarrassing.