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Originally Posted by moynkeepthefaith View Post
In league 2 terms Mullin was a world beater last season in that he was voted the best player in the division. Tozer looks class. You would have been delighted to sign either and the green eyed monster is obvious. Please remember that we are buying based on a phenomenal fan base as opposed to a lottery win.
We had Ben Tozer for a number of years, and then didn't renew his contract because he is - at best - an average League Two player.

Don't get me wrong, he will be very good at National League level, but don't be surprised if he gets turned inside out by nippy attackers. Obviously you guys could afford to do it, so no problem, but spending the rumoured 200k on him is just willy waving - there are far better players available for next to nothing.

As for Mullin, the facts back up what I said. He has had one prolific season in a career spanning eight years. Again, I'm sure he'll be very good at this level, but the point again is that throwing huge money at players like this isn't going to be enough to guarantee promotion. They aren't so much better than other players down here that they will win games on their own.

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