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Default Re: Grimsby Reaction 3-1

The midfield in this formation is absolutely crucial, you can't just stick three good CM's in there and expect it to work, the chemistry and dynamic needs to be right.

We need the player in there to dictate and control as this directly affects every other aspect of the team.

I think it's clear that we missed out on this player in the window and have put our hopes on Luke Young playing it for now. Trouble is, he is not composed enough and too erratic, it's not his fault, it's not his game.

The only player in the squad I see to do it is Dave Jones (Ignoring Saturdays disaster-class), I know he hasn't got full games in him but it might be enough to get us through some of the tougher games until we get to January and put this right.

It is frustrating to get in this position with the number of players we have signed.
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