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Default Re: A Touch of Realism

I'll probably get shot down for this.

We are a National League team owned by 2 Hollywood stars. We've raided teams in League One for their best players, we've spent more this year than we have in what 20 years? Our players are probably earning a massive amount, we're sponsored by one of the most popular companies in the world, FIFA have made a point of adding us to the game.

I know there's the time to gel thing, but we have paid top money for players who are supposed to be so good we can bypass all that formalities and get on to the winning. I know we'll be up there at the end of the season, if we aren't we'll just spend more, but we're making so much hard work of this. By all means believe in the players, we've got no choice, but comparing ourselves to teams who pulled off miracles isn't going to be healthy when we suddenly don't start pulling off the miracle they pulled off.
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