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Default Re: A Touch of Realism

Originally Posted by Bread_of_Heaven View Post
So everyone is frustrated with our "average" start to the season. Some even suggesting if we don't win on Saturday we will already be too far behind to challenge for the title. Rubbish!

If we average 2 points a game it pretty much guarantees us being in the mix at the end of the season. In fact if we would have averaged 2 points a game we would have finished top of the table the last 4 seasons.

Dean Saunders said this when he was manager. Over a season generally look to win at home and get a point away and average 2 points a match. On that reckoning, having played 4 away matches and 2 home we should have 10 points to be on target for finishing top or there abouts. We have 9 points despite having a team still getting to know each other and having played some good teams. We are only 1 point off target and a win away on Saturday would actually put us ahead of target.

Yes, I, the same as everyone else, was hoping we'd stroll this league with the quality of signings we have had but things aren't as bad as some are making out.
Totally agree. Some of the posts on here have been shocking.
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