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Originally Posted by Teifi Red View Post
Ok, Iíll bite. What percentage of games have we won, drawn or lost over the last 15 years after staying overnight. Iíve picked 15 years as itís the one you used in your original post. Be interesting to see your stats on it.
Itís not about biting. I havenít gone out of my way to provoke an argument. Itís just something I have noticed. Itís neither a dig at the pre wst days / wst days / new regime takeover.

It doesnít matter what era you take i am sure that more often than not we have lost when we have had an overnight stay. Yes of course we have won and drawn games we have stayed overnight. I am not saying that 100% of times when we have stayed overnight it has ended in defeat. My personal feeling is when I have found out we have booked overnight I have thought oh here we go again!

One game which stays in my mind all those years ago was when we booked overnight for Hereford away - Brian Little season. Which I donít need to tell anyone how that game ended and resulted in.

The money granted in grand scheme of things isnít a lot. Yes of course £15,000 would be more noticeable in a wst budget than a R & R budget.

Itís more the success rate of staying overnight.

I have spoken to players from past who have said that a lot of time when spending overnight it used to be a lot of twiddling thumbs , you couldnít go out and have beers as maybe you could do in the 70s / 80s and early 90s.

You have a meal go to bed. And then prepare following day. The home comforts are missed.

Would it be worth Trialing say the next noticeable large distance away game Aldershot which is a Saturday and travelling up early in morning and seeing what players feedback but more importantly the performance and result.