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Default Re: The Hotel Factor

Originally Posted by MichaelP View Post
No matter who the manager has been for the last 15 years + . Overnight stays donít seem very successful when you look at games we have stayed in hotels for.

What I couldnít get was the team travelled down on Monday for a game on Tuesday evening.

It used to be that if we had a game in midweek we wouldnít bother with Hotels but if it was a weekend game and involved a lot of mileage a hotel the night before would be a given.

Now even at the cheapest calculations if you take into account the accommodation and food that all staff would need itís a big part of the yearly spend.

Say you have 2 players to one room. = £50 for the room x 8 rooms for a squad of 16 players that would come to = £400

Then you of course have management so say Manager / coaches / Physio etc say another 4 rooms = £200

That comes to £600.

Plus meals and drinks could quite easily have not much change from £1,000 from match preparations as opposed to travelling on day and thatís based on the cheapest accommodation food possible booking in advance.

If you then x that be say = 15 games = £15,000 !!

Now if we were successful then it could be argued money well spent but when more often than not it isnít . Then the money would be much better spent somewhere else?

Agree with the above. May be I am bad minded but I have often thought that some players could be up half the night having a bet playing cards and thus not getting a proper nights sleep.
Please tell me I am wrong that they are too professional to do anything like that?
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