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Default Re: A Touch of Realism

Originally Posted by Wiltshire_Red View Post
A very good point, we could have done with a fixture start like Chesterfield.
Call me cynical, but it makes me wonder how the fixtures in this league are worked out. I can't find any info on it!

I remember years ago, it was revealed that it was an individual person that worked out the fixtures for this league and he turned out to be a Mansfield fan, who were in this league at the time!

Can you imagine if it turns out to be a Chesterfield fan who's worked out the fixtures for this season!!

I know everyone says that it evens out over the season, but if you get an easy start then you get a lot of momentum going and a lot of confidence by the time the tougher games come along.
"Success, is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm" - Sir Winston Churchill
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