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Default Re: Overnight Stay Win/Loss thread

Originally Posted by RedGoolie View Post
This is not a personal slight at anyone and apart from the financial cost, the benefits of travelling down the day before is already well known. I mentioned that there is data already present about this and there is no need to collect secondary data over a long period of time. The sports science behind the overnight stays is clear (which is why we do it; finance not withstanding) and there are a number of physiological processes which are adversely affected by travel (many of which are still present if you play the game on the same day)...sleep, psychological, wellness, nutritional status, recovery from previous training sessions. Have a look at research from Rabbanni & Buchheit in 2016 or if you want (or disagree) find some other research and see for yourself. From a personal point of view (and as a lecturer in Sports Science) I find this an important aspect of professional sport, especially at our level and above, where fine margins could be the difference between winning and losing. Dave Brailsford talked about "marginal gains" and this is an example of this philosophy...its those 1% gains which could make all the difference
Thank you for that, thatís really interesting.

My viewpoint is just what I have felt with the time I have followed the team up and down.

I can see why managers feel then that overnight stays is the preferred / only option.

There are times though where teams have travelled to Wrexham on the day and beaten us. Would they of done that if stayed overnight?
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