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Default Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions

Originally Posted by Rob Edwards View Post
Just seen Parky interview.Hyde doubtful with Davies nearly certainly out too.Exposes the imbalance of squad as no Hyde alternative as well as the defensive midfielder issue.Annoying thing is Hyde similarly to Lennon and Brisley misses a percentage of games every season-their stats show that.With no transfer window club has been naive in terms of gambles taken on players with questionable appearance records.With our resources I do not really understand why.
As good as Hyde is (heís one of our most important players) it may change the way we play if he doesnít start.

If itís Angus/Ponticelli and Mullin itís much more of a pacey team with not a lot of height. I think we will see Brisley, D Jones and maybe Lennon back in tomorrow. Hayden could do with a game off judging his last 2/3 performances.