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Default Re: D&R (H) - Thoughts and Predictions

Originally Posted by redinsaudi View Post
Because we have scored 9 goals to their 17 including a 3-1 away win at the much fancied Stockport. Of course I want us to win but Iím a realist and we arenít as good as we think, mainly because of the lack of midfield and the defence that is yet to gel at this moment in time.
Theyve scored 17 but again I point out who they have played. Have you seen Stockports other results?

I'm not saying they won't be good but its far from inevitable we can't beat them at home. If we had played Barnet, Kings Lynn, Wealdstone and Weymouth id expect we would have scored more than 9 goals too. The advantage they have over us is that they have a squad who have mostly been together for over a year.